Tuesday, August 24, 2010

autre Vintage Apparel Part Doux

"Disney Princess that hasn't been created yet"-Jess Toland (my sissy)

Ookay so by now I am completely obsessed with auTre because the designs are just so fun, colorful, and easy to wear!! Those times when you are like O.o I need something to wear RIGHT NOW just type auTre in your inventory and you will look cute as can be! In these pics is an unreleased dress XD I feel so special but you soon can own it but before that go and grab some designs for sooooo inexpensive as Aurora Tremont is having a SALE!!!! A glittery sweater for 25Ls, two puffy dresses for 50ls O.o ok you need to get there fast right! Also featured is a hat I adoooreeee. Chirzaka Vlodovic, an amazing model, has begun to design fantastic hats that I die over. You can catch all these deals and the hat at this TP.

HAT: *Lode* Hat-Pond
DRESS: auTre Gramma Scraps (not released yet :D)

EYES: DEN-DOU eyes - Light-grey
LASHES: /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes
SHOES: [Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel - Gray
SKIN: MH: "Fleur" Skin (Maven Haus)



Irene Ichtama designer and genius of fashion has opened I-Scream to everyones delight that enters this GLAM store. I had minor heart palpitation while peering at all the 80's glam that was surrounding me! One word...BLONDIE...*dies* and that's just the beginning of it!! Irene is super excited about her store as we spoke I could tell her enthusiasm for what she does and that really is what it takes to make great clothes that everyone dies for. When asked her inspiration Miss Ichtama said she draws from magazines and her brain! I need to get one of those brains. With 80's Glam back in Real Life Fashion I have yet to find a shop that does it justice like I-Scream does. The new release is so hawt it practically melts!! Also came in a white cheetah print this dress shows skin in all the right places. Her store is colorful fun and super charged to be hugely popular. Make sure you catch this store and also 4 free group gift items! i can only imagine how big this store will be and the demand Irene will be faced with and get very excited for her (and for me for getting these at great prices haha).

Dress- I-scream: Touch me/ Black
Headband- I-screamhairband/ pink

Skin-::Exodi: Isolde Niut 15 (DK/C)
Eyes- ::Exodi:: Tetra eyes- Naturals (Leaves) (LG/V)
Hair:Maitreya: Nimue-Walnut
Dress- i-skream: Touch me/ Black
Shoes: Stiletto Moody-Bare Judy-Midnight

Maven Hause Part Doux


This dress is so divine I had to roll around on the floor!!!! I also chose to not wear the shirt underneath cause its just so freeing and well I love it! Elaera just blows my mind with these dresses and skins. Probably one of my favorite blog shoots of all time and really hard (had to cover the boobies...they didn't want to be....get your butt over there if I'm that excited you know you will be too!!!

SKIN: MH: "Mitternacht" Skin $300Ls
DRESS: MH: Raven
ACCESORY: Maven Haus Pearl Monocle-Silver-Silver

HAIR: !lamb. Witch- Sun dried Tomato
LASHES: /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen EyeLashes
EYES: Plastik shine/lucky
SHOES: Purple Moon ::PM:: Haru Stillettos in Black

Maven Haus

Maven Haus

SKIN: MH:"Ar Cios" Skin
SHOES: HouseofFox- [angynessHeels-Black]
HAT: HouseofFox- LadyHOF Hat
HAIR: !lamb. Sleepyhead- Sun-Dried Tomato
EYES: Shine-Lucky
[doll.] Katie 07

Maven Haus is one of those stores bloggers and fashionistas alike just fall inlove with. I walked into this store and had heart palpitations I was so excited! Her items are one of a kind and so reasonably priced. Elaera Maven is a new designer but her brain is an old SL soul. She is so passionate about what she does that it just signs through to her designs. I love seeing the fire in a designers words and she was burning up my IMs. Her designs speak for themselves, gorgeous gowns, interesting accessories and fabulous skins!!
The following is a few questions I asked Elaera Maven, designer for Maven Haus, that I was dying to know the answers to. Look out for this name she just might take over SL :D

Bella Ely: What is your inspiration for the designs you create?
Elaera Maven: My inspiration? I'd have to say Human expansion. Our ability to adapt, and evolve. How we can process, and relate to our worlds, and creative outlets.
Bella Ely: So do you draw from Real Life then?
Elaera Maven: Well, its just something that comes from within me, but on a subconscious level, their is a world of influence.
Bella Ely: Do you think your line/store reflects your personality?
Elaera Maven: I think it reflects a world of things, so.. Yes, I'd say my personality is in there somewhere.
Bella Ely: What is your vision for your store to come?
Elaera Maven: My vision?
Elaera Maven: Well, everyone wishes for the best.
Elaera Maven: ........I'd like to change the world of fashion, with art, expression, and theatricality.
Bella Ely: ohhhh i like that answer!

Visit Maven Haus today!!! Click here Don't forget to join the group Elaera has lots of free gifts and we are talking skins here not crappy stuff haha

AuTre Vintage Apparel

auTre Vitage Apparel

Aurora Tremont has THE cutest little outfits and they range from 50Ls to 150Ls and we are talking sculpted dresses here fashionistas!! Although they are inexpensive Aurora does not lack in quality with her designs. I have been impressed with her talent from the moment I tried on my first outfit and now I own everything in the store! Make sure to join the auTre group at her Marima Inc. mall location she sends out new 50L item pics out so you can go and snag them :D

Dress: auTre Polka Madness

Lashes: /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes
Skin: MH: "Frostbite" Skin Maven Haus
Eyes: *-CB-* Glossy Shock Eyes
Hair: Kin-Enid-[brown]
Boots: ::PM:: Lolita Leathr Boots (Black) PurpleMoon

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jumping for Joy!!

Jumper: Narwhal- Summer Playsuit (includes top, bottom with ties and socks)
Ok holy freaking cow!!! This outfit I got at the Narwhal sale going on right now!! I was so flipping excited and have been dying to buy a jumper and this was the answer to my jumping wishes. A lot of my accessories are from the memory project, fifty linden friday and/or the Gatcha festival. Amazing designers giving us a chance to give back and to not break our bank accounts so thank you to them for that! Sorry I haven't blogged *hangs head* I've been sick (excuses, excuses!!!) but I'm back (I think :P) And all full of silliness and fashion!
Imma hiding from the boogy man!
My pointy shoulder is driving me insane but I"m lazy *sighs*
I am swinging for joy!! I love this!

Shape: Bella Bella from Strumpet
Eyes: Shine-lucky from Plastik
Hair: !lamb. Witch- Sun-Dried tomato
Skin: *YS & YS* Adriana Technicolor
Bracelet: *BOOM* BFF Friendship bracelets
Shoes: *mijnt* - potato's shoes - YELLOW
Necklace: [W&B] Love is a Deserter necklace
Hair peice: MIEL ADI flowers solo

Glitterati - 037 Model Pack
[LAP] - Sunny
[LAP] - Sunflower

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Jewelry: Donna Flora AGATA set #1 includes earrings and necklace
AGATA set #2 bracelet and two rings (at Maritima Inc Mall)
So although I love this whole outfit check out the jewelry holy freaking gorgeous right!!! I put it on and was like umm I want this RL even though rocks this big would have to fall from heaven to me. That's where SL comes in and I get to wear these beautiful pieces of bling WOOOHOO!! I came across this designer at a mall that has shops that are all couture and all fabulous!! And guess what the owner is not only someone that I sooo admire she is also sweet and approachable!! I spoke to her about her style:
Bella Ely: Are you designs influenced by italian fashions?
Squinternet Larnia: uhm no
Squinternet Larnia: i think more by hollywood old movies
Bella Ely: I notice you love large fabulous stones and rings is that something you wear in rl?
Squinternet Larnia: yes i've made a lot of beded jewelry in rl in crystals and brass wire

Old hollywood heck yeah I'll take that. I have to admit I didn't want to take this jewelry off and it was really hard for me and I don't wear anything more than one day I wore it three and I know I'm still gonna wear it!! It is definitely my new fave jewelry store and her clothes are unreal!!!
Look at me partying about jewelry!!!
This is how I sit on the couch....what its comfy!!!
Don't you just die looking at this, look at the size of those gems!!! They cover my boobs!!
I'm uhhh unpacking in glamorous jewelry...doesn't everybody??? :)

Shirt: Fri. - Romance.Cami (Envy) (got at Gatcha Festival)
Hair: *Kookie* Chiggy / Brown hair pack- Blonde-chocolate brown worn
Skin: Mynerva ~Fudge~ Sweet Innocence
Pants: [ Cynful ] Orange Button Capri ~ Grey
Shoes: [Cynful] Basic Flatties olive worn
Jacket: !Ohmai : Tomomo Loose Vest WILDWINE
Poses: **KoumB** - Crouch- 12.1
**KoumB** - Crouch- 9
**KoumB** - Lenghten - 28
*ES* Jazz Fingers